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Just a quick note , I pulled all the radishes in one of the tubs. They were getting ready to bolt . Some were not forming a round radish but I did get a small bowl full. The tub also has New Zealand  spinach , that is supposed to do well in the heat. This will give them more sunlight, so they should start to do better. Here are the pix from the radishes.


radish greens


small bowl of radishes

IMAG0704 IMAG0706

Well it is not much but our weather here has been up and down, and got real warm real fast.


Growing going on here!!!!!!!!!!

Well it has been a while since I have posted here….sorry. I have been busy getting the garden and greenhouse going. I have added some bluegills that I caught down at the river. Also you can see that everything is really growing well. I do believe this Aquaponics thang works.


Well it looks like we might have a ghost here after all………………


Had to add this one to show the difference between the last picture in the post before this.

IMG_0136 IMG_0135 IMG_0134 IMG_0133 IMG_0132 IMG_0131 IMG_0130 IMG_0129 IMG_0128 IMG_0127 IMG_0126 IMG_0125 IMG_0124 IMG_0123 IMG_0122 IMG_0121 IMG_0120 IMG_0119 IMG_0118 IMG_0117 IMG_0116 IMG_0115 IMG_0114 IMG_0113 IMG_0112 IMG_0111 IMG_0109 IMG_0108 IMG_0107 IMG_0106 IMG_0105 IMG_0104 IMG_0103 IMG_0102 IMG_0101 IMG_0100 IMG_0099 IMG_0098 IMG_0097 IMG_0096 IMG_0095 IMG_0094 IMG_0093 IMG_0092 IMG_0091 IMG_0090














The rest of these are of the progress in the greenhouse and the garden.




The cucumbers are liking the fish juice .





















Added a couple of  thermostatic vent openers.






















Just a mix here. Borage Globe Basil , Marigold, and some kind of purple mint.







Pole beans






PattyPan Squash


Water Melon




will be more herbs










Oregano that came back from last year.





Lemon Balm that also came back.



Tomatoes and cilantro and basil , with marigolds for good luck



Squash and Honey Dew melons





Peppers and Eggplant









small peppers













The stars of the show.






Onion from a cutting










Basil from the produce at Harris Teeter, they sell it started Hydroponically and I replanted it.


Strawbell hanging in there.





They are producing fruit.





One of my little helpers.




Yes we have cukes.




Very interesting tomato bloom.









Another of my little helpers, I have never seen a toad colored in the fashion.







the celery has bolted and I am just watching to see what happens, I will harvest the celery seed.












I have the tomatoes and cukes tied to the plastic chain with red engineer tape. I believe red helps the tomatoes.










Well that is how things are going. Will try to update more often.


Yes I finally got to planting the beds with the seedlings that I started. I now have celery , Basil, two varieties of tomato, cucumbers, onions and rosemary sprigs I am rooting close to the tomatoes to help with pest control. I also have three cuttings from my raspberry bush that I am rooting. They became casualties of a over exuberant dog behind us. She chewed them off the fence. Now I wish I had the bushes with the thorns ,..not really.

So without further ado the pictures…….

IMG_0068Put the celery in soda bottle to keep them in a bunch instead of spreading out like they were. Have a small aphid and little white bug problem. Have tried spraying with water,. Going to place some yellow Solo cups with oil on them to try to draw the aphids off. Also going to mix up some pepper and soap spray.

IMG_0050 IMG_0049

Tomatoes and cukes with Basil and the rosemary.IMG_0051IMG_0048

Had a couple of unknowns show up, a cuke and one tomato plant . Not sure what they are guess we’ll see.

IMG_0035 IMG_0037

A shot of the front of the greenhouse, I bring the Avocado tree and the Kaffir Lime inside at night and out in the mornings. To the left if you look close you can see the lettuce coming up.


This is going to be another experimental garden Going to fill these with soil and plant them with more vegetables.


Ok here is part of the reason it took me so long to update this blog. We got a rescue dog from the no kill shelter. She is a Lab Springer Spaniel mix. Her name is Maggie and she is 2 1/2 months old. Going to be a big dog . So I have been doing potting training duty. She is a good dog , but you know how puppies are .

Well thats it for now will keep this posted as often as I can.