Did You Think I Died?

No didn’t die but damn close. I got a case of the flu and a stomach bug all at once. No I didn’t get the flu shot wont get on that soap box though. Any way got over most of that and then my mother went back in for surgery and started PT . Today was the first day that I felt like or was able to get out into the green house.

So out I went with my seed packs and got everything started I waned too.I have not added the Blue gill yet . Decided to get more plants growing in the grow beds first. My water test today were perfect so what I have right now is a good balance. I will add the blue gill once my plants are in the grow beds . When there is a need for more nutrients.

So here are the photos from today .


My see starting log.

IMG_0264IMG_0274These are on a heat try made from rope lights.

IMG_0275IMG_0276   Here are the seed trays  I put these two on a new heat lamp today.IMG_0279IMG_0280 And a parting shot of the gold fish, they are really getting big.

Well thats it for now. 


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