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OK Part 2

Well I am just going to keep adding on until they tell me to stop….LOL

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So Here are the pictures that I promised you on the first blog:


You can see the Insulation sheathing here. I lucked out in that it fit behind the poly panels and they went back in and the clips held both tight. This is the north side of the green house , doesn’t get any sun from this direction. I also jut got the 2 rolls of Bubble wrap in the mail today. I plan on wrapping over the top from the south side and stop at the top of the sheathing. I will get that up as soon as I start feeling better. Luckily we are have a few warm day right now so I have some time.

Well since I got the pictures , and still didn’t feel good, i came back inside and tied some more flies. Still on the salt water theme I tied up some new (to me anyways) shrimp patterns. But first the rest of the pictures from the other day that would not fit on the other blog.


Those were  more of the Redfish Flies mostly Crabs, Now for the Shrimp Flies from yesterday:


That is my Red Fish and Shrimp boxes, this next one was for fun found these eyes at Micheals and had to get them . Sure Makes a Sexy Fly….You know you HIT THAT…LOL